Man Selling Dosa On Cycle For Last 25 Years In Mumbai, Watch Viral Video

A video of a man cooking and selling dosas door-to-door on a cycle has gone viral on the internet. People are praising the man’s effort to make a living.

In the video, a man goes from door to door with a tiny gas on the back a cycle with some cooking ingredients. He was seen cooking yummy looking pizza dosas with loads of veggies, pizza sauce, garlic chutney live in front of the customers on a cycle.

He serves the dosas in Triangle shapes with loads of grated cheese on top. The pizza dosa looks mouth watering.

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The woman who arrears to be a regular customer tastes the pizza dosa and comments that it is really very tasty.

The man is from Mumbai and he is been selling dosas of various types only for Rs 60 to Rs 100 in the lanes of Malad for 25 years now.

The video was uploaded on a YouTube channel named Aamchi Mumbai. The video has already been viewed for more than 13 million times and over 155k likes.

Here is the video: (Video Credit: Youtube @Aamchi Mumbai)

People left many comments bellow the video. In the comment, some people respected the man’s hard work while some wanted to have a bite of the tasty pizza dosa.

Photo Credit: Youtube @Aamchi Mumbai
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