Truly Amazing! Man Cooks Potatoes In Sand; Watch Viral Video

You might have come across several viral videos on street foods. However, this video will definitely leave you awestruck as the street food seller cooks potatoes in the sand.

One Amar Sirohi recently shared a video of a man cooking potatoes in sand and his story on his Instagram which has gone viral on social media.

Sirohi visited Gola Bazaar in Uttar Pradesh’s Mainpuri to taste the special potato dish.

In the 6.8 minute-long video, a man was seen cooking potatoes in a wok filled with sand on a tandoor oven at his stall by the street in Gola Bazaar.

The man sells each plate of cooked potatoes for Rs 20 and served them with coriander chutney, masala, and butter.

Watch the video here:


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