IPS Officer fasting for Navratri on IndiGo flight overwhelmed by flight attendant’s generosity

IPS officer Arun Bothra shared a touching story of being overwhelmed by IndiGo flight attendant's generosity.

In a heartwarming incident, Indian Police Service (IPS) officer Arun Bothra shared a touching story from his recent flight with IndiGo. Taking to social media platform X (formerly Twitter), the 1996-batch IPS officer from Odisha recounted how a thoughtful flight attendant named Purvi went above and beyond to accommodate his fasting requirements during Navratri.

Arun Bothra had chosen to fast during the Navratri festival, and when the attentive flight attendant Purvi learned of this, she decided to make his journey more comfortable. Understanding that Arun was abstaining from regular meals, Purvi returned with a selection of “vrat” or fasting-friendly snacks, including sabudana chips and til chikki, which are permitted during fasts. What’s even more heartwarming is that she insisted on not charging him for these snacks, revealing that she, too, was observing a fast. To complete this gesture of kindness, she handed Arun a note that read, “It was a pleasure having you onboard with us today. May Navdurga bless you with abundance.”

Arun Bothra was deeply touched by Purvi’s compassionate act and took to social media to share a photo of the snacks and the heartfelt note. He expressed his gratitude by stating, “Mother Divine takes care of you in different forms. Today she came as Purvi, an @IndiGo6E crew member. As I didn’t take snacks due to #Navratri fasting, she returned with Sabudana Chips, Til Chikki & tea. When I asked how much to pay, she said – ‘No money, sir. I am also fasting.'”

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IndiGo, the airline on which this heartwarming encounter took place, commended Purvi’s exemplary spirit of care and understanding, stating, “Purvi’s act exemplifies the spirit of care and understanding we strive to embody. Your words are greatly appreciated and will be shared with Purvi. We look forward to serving you again on your future journeys. Best wishes during Navratri.”

This act of kindness by the thoughtful flight attendant has garnered praise from netizens, with one user recounting a similar experience and another emphasizing the importance of compassion and humanity within individuals.

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