Influencers turn Mumbai Local Train into ‘5-Star Restaurant,’ serve unusual dishes, Watch

Two Instagram influencers have garnered attention for transforming a Mumbai local train into a '5-star restaurant.'

Two Instagram influencers, Aryan Kataria and Sarthak Sachdeva, have garnered attention for transforming a Mumbai local train into a ‘5-star restaurant.’ A video shared on Instagram captures the duo’s unconventional dining experience, leaving viewers both baffled and amused.

The Instagram post, shared by Kataria with the caption “Where shall we open our next restaurant,” features a video showcasing the influencers distributing flyers to inform passengers about their unique culinary venture inside a Mumbai local train. On the designated day, the duo dressed up, entered a train coach with food in tow, set up a makeshift table, and served two passengers with dishes they humorously described as ‘ajeebo garib’ (weird).

The video concludes with Kataria and Sachdeva engaging in a wholesome conversation with fellow commuters, adding a touch of humor to their out-of-the-box stunt.

Instagram users responded with a mix of amusement and jest. One user jokingly remarked, “On the day I miss the train,” while another playfully suggested that the influencers had offended the Western Railway, the BMC, the FSSAI, and Gordon Ramsay simultaneously. There were also comments pondering if a similar stunt could be pulled off in the Delhi Metro and humorous suggestions to attempt the feat during the crowded Monday rush at Dadar station.

The Instagram post, shared five days ago, has garnered over one million views, along with numerous likes and comments.


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