Incredible video! Watch how this deer escapes from a hungry crocodile’s jaws

The wilderness has no rules. The only rule that works in the jungle is survival of the fittest. If you can use your gifts to survive, you live to see another day. If not, then you die a painful death. That is just how it is. In a hair-raising video that has been going viral on social media, this exact thing can be seen in play. A deer narrowly avoids being eaten by a crocodile thanks to its lightning fast reflexes.

The 59 second long video shared on Twitter by IFS Dr. Samrat Gowda, the deer can be seen cautiously approaching the water body. Water bodies are the centers of the jungle around which life thrives. All sorts of animals gather there to quench their thirst. However, animals like deer have to be on the look out as there are plenty of predators that might pounce on them while they are drinking water and are distracted.

This smart deer though seemed to know what it was doing. It was on alert the entire time it was drinking, with its eyes and ears open for even the slightest disturbance around it. And that payed off as well!

Out of nowhere a crocodile jumped right out of the water with its jaws wide open meaning to clamp down on the deer. The deer, however, was already expecting an attack and jumped out of the way with its incredible, lightning fast reflexes. The crocodile, being fully aware that that it would never be able to catch up to the deer on dry land slinks back into the water, presumably disappointed.

Watch the stupefying video of how the deer escapes from the crocodile here:

Netizens had a wide variety of reaction to this video. They were mostly in awe with the incredible reflex displayed by the deer.

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