Watch: Snake steals slipper in viral video, leaves Internet in splits

A video of a snake stealing a slipper has surfaced on the Internet, amusing clip has netizens wonder where it will wear it.

Adding to the plethora of snake videos, a clip of a reptile stealing a slipper has surfaced online. As scary as these creatures are as amusing as the now-viral video is.

The video shared on Twitter by IFS Praveen Kaswan shows a snake coming out of a road and entering a house. Seeing this, a woman can be heard shouting and shushing to keep the reptile away from her home.

Alike every mother, the woman too threw a slipper at the snake. Activated by her action, the serpent catches the footwear in its mouth and runs away.

“I wonder what this snake will do with that chappal. He got no legs. Unknown location” reads the caption.

So far, the video has garnered more than 182k views and tons of comments. Netizens broke into laughter after watching the clip and filled the comment section with their funny remarks.

One person wrote, “Dialect is Bhojpuri, has to be Bihar” and another comment read, “Universal weapon for mothers.” A third person wrote, “He will sell it for half the price” and a fourth user commented, “It’s a trap!! the owner will come looking for it and the snake can then bargain.”

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