Frame Questions & Answer Them, IIT Goa Conducts Examination In An Unique Way

In view of the rising Covid cases in the country during the second wave of the virus, the examination method has been a continuous topic of issue amongst students. There has been a conventional method of evaluation in educational institutions where the teacher frames set of questions and the students answer them.

Next came the open book exam method that allowed students to refer to their notes, summaries as well as textbooks while attending the questions. Now, an unique method to conduct the examination has gone viral after the Indian Institute of Technology, Goa decided to ease the pressure of students appearing for final semester.

The educational institution had asked its students, who were siting for the analog circuits course, to prepare the questions on their own from the entire syllabus. After forming the set of questions from the given syllabus, they had been asked to answer their self formed questions within a fixed duration of 180 minutes.

The unique question paper comprised of two questions. The first question was for 30 marks that asked the students to set questions based on lecture materials provided to them in the entire semester.

The second question was of 40 marks that instructed the students to answer the questions they had prepared for the first part.

It also mentioned that the questions set by the students should reflect the student’s understanding of the course.

“Avoid discussing with your friends. It may reduce your score if similarities are found”, further added the question paper.

The question paper was shared on Twitter by one Rajan Karna which gradually gained lots of positive reactions from social media users while some also criticized the idea.

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