Family reached hospital to take back soul of dead child!

A hard-core instance of superstition was witnessed lately in Kota of Rajasthan. In a bizarre development the family members of a deceased child, who died two years ago, reached the hospital to take back soul of the child with them.

A group of people from Hondoli town of Bundi reached the MBA Hospital in Kota recently to take out the soul of a deceased. The group constituted of both man and women. They carried out worship in the hospital premises.

The worship continued for approximately half an hour. It was performed by burning incense sticks and lightening lamps. They also did tilak among themselves. Women were seen singing in respect of the soul. Finally, according to them they successfully took out the deceased child’s soul from there.

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Meanwhile, the security personnel and some hospital staff approached them. They asked to stop the puja but in vain.

As per reports, the deceased child was admitted to the MBC hospital two years back after its health condition worsened. Now, after two years his family complained of continued unrest. As the family members continue to fall ill and the condition did not improve they took shelter of a Bhupe.

The Bhupe advised them to bring the soul of the child from the hospital. He advised that the soul is wandering in the hospital. It was the reason that the group visited the hospital to bring the soul.

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