Daughter surprises parents with business class tickets, watch their reaction

In a recent viral video, a daughter surprised her parents with business class tickets and their joyful reactions has internet by storm.

There are few things in life as heartwarming as seeing the joy in a parent’s eyes when they receive a special gift from their children. Such a moment recently took the internet by storm when a daughter surprised her parents with business class tickets, capturing their emotional and joyful reactions in a viral video.

The touching video was shared by Instagram user Ishpreet Kaur, and it beautifully portrays the love and gratitude between parents and their grown-up children. In the video, Kaur presents her father with a ticket and asks him to take a closer look. Initially, he doesn’t notice the class mentioned on the ticket, but when he does, his surprise is palpable. In an astonished tone, he exclaims, “business class?” He further mentions that this will be their first time flying in that class.

As the father makes his way towards the boarding gate, he can’t help but look at the ticket repeatedly. At one point, he glances at his wife, Kaur’s mom, and enthusiastically says, “Frame karana hai [we will get this framed].” While Kaur’s mom doesn’t say a word throughout the video, her expressions vividly convey the emotions stirred by this heartwarming surprise.


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Kaur shared a heartfelt caption alongside the video, expressing her motivation for this thoughtful gesture. She wrote, “Everything I do, I do it for these moments! I’ve wanted to fly business class for a while and almost booked my tickets too, but I didn’t because it didn’t feel right to me. I always wanted it to be super special and my parents flying before me or with me.” She explained that while traveling to the US, she found the perfect moment to make this dream come true for her parents.

The video has garnered significant attention, amassing nearly 1.4 million views in just four days. It has also prompted an outpouring of affectionate comments from viewers who were touched by the emotional surprise.

One Instagram user shared, “I love the way your father keeps looking at you inside the plane. He is feeling blessed. I hope to do the same for my parents.”

Another comment read, “This is absolutely beautiful Ishpreet. Manifesting this one day.”

People praised the heartwarming gesture, with comments like, “That proud feeling” and “This is so precious.”

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