Giant frog, the size of a human baby spotted in Solomon Islands

A giant frog, as big as a human baby, has created a lot of buzz on social media after a picture of it went viral recently. It was spotted by the villagers in the Solomon Islands.

The villagers were stunned after coming across the giant frog. A photo taken by Honiara resident Jimmy Hugo has now become the topic of talk on social media.

The picture shows a young boy holding the frog up for the camera. It is rare and was not seen earlier.  It has sparked new interest among animal lovers and conservationists in a species that is facing a decline in population.

Mr Hugo, the owner of a timber milling operation, said that mill workers came across the frog while hunting for wild pig in April. He then shared a photo of the giant frog – a Cornufer guppyi – on Facebook.

“Where I come from, it’s called bush chicken,” Mr Hugo wrote while sharing the pic.

The pic has gone viral on Facebook, collecting over 800 ‘shares’ and thousands of reactions.

“At first, I thought only a few people would see it and then suddenly I saw lots and lots of people commenting,” Mr Hugo told ABC News. “I was very surprised to see how people reacted to the picture.”

In the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, the Cornufer guppyi frog is also known as “bush chicken” or as the giant webbed frog. It is hunted by locals and prized for its meat.

“That’s the expression, it’s bush chicken and it’s more delicious than chicken,” Mr Hugo added.

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