Chandigarh: Girl punches, kicks 3 elderly women on road, watch viral video

Reportedly, the girl was driving on the wrong side and about to hit the victims’ vehicle but still she abused the 3 elderly women

New Delhi: Girl punches, kicks 3 elderly women in Chandigarh. Reportedly, the girl was driving on the wrong side and she was about to hit her vehicle with the car of the 3 victim women. However, as the women came out and asked her why she is driving on wrong side, she started punching and kicking them. The video of the incident has gone viral.

A X user named HasnaZarooriHai posted the video of the incident on his X handle (formerly Twitter) and captioned it in Hindi which can be translated as – After a minor collision in Chandigarh, there was chaos. The end is very frightening.

As we can see in the video the girl is punching and kicking the women in front of everybody. One of the 3 women tries to defend her but in vain. Another woman was seen requesting the girl with folded hands. Yet, the girl goes on thrashing the women. Meanwhile, the accused girl comes near the camera and snatched it from the person who was recording.

Later, it was seen that the accused girl was standing in front of the 3 women with folded hands. Perhaps later she apologized.

The X post in which the incident was seen has already earned 17.8 k views after being uploaded to X platform on August 21. Even users have come up with comments.

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