Australian cricketer Glenn McGrath captures Python in daring home rescue, Watch viral video

Former Australian cricketer Glenn McGrath shared a thrilling video on Instagram, showcasing him capturing a python that had invaded his home.

Former Australian cricketer Glenn McGrath recently shared a thrilling video on Instagram, showcasing his successful efforts in capturing a carpet python that had invaded his home. In his post, McGrath revealed that he had safely removed all three pythons that had entered his residence, with the video highlighting one of these daring rescue missions.

The video, posted on Instagram by Glenn McGrath, showcases his adept snake rescue skills. In the footage, McGrath can be seen cautiously handling the python, eventually leading it outside his home.

McGrath’s caption accompanying the video read, “After plenty of encouragement & support from @saraleonmcgrath all 3 Coastal Carpet Pythons that were in the house were safely released back into the bush.”

The video begins with McGrath attempting to capture the snake using a mop. He gently tries to coax the serpent out, but the snake eventually coils itself around the mop’s handle. With patience and care, McGrath manages to guide the snake towards the door and successfully releases it outside.

Since its posting just one day ago, the video has garnered nearly 50,000 views and received over 4,000 likes. Many viewers have expressed admiration for McGrath’s courageous actions and skills in handling the situation.

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Commenting on the video, one viewer praised the cricket legend, stating, “Nothing the legend can’t do.”

Another admirer commented, “Oh my God. You are so brave, Glenn.”

Some light-hearted observations were also made, with one person humorously noting, “Gone with the safety flip-flops I see. Good call.”

Others shared practical advice, suggesting better home security measures to prevent snake intrusions, with one commenter writing, “Three pythons? Maybe you need to close your doors. Mops and brooms are good for moving snakes on.”


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