Andhra Pradesh family makes 365 dishes to welcome future son-in-law

A family in Andhra Pradesh prepared as many as 365 dishes in the menu to welcome their future son-in-law to their home.

Makar Sankranti (Pedda Panduga) is a huge deal in Andhra Pradesh. The festival is massively celebrated with families reuniting from far away to enjoy grand feasts and quality time together. However, a family in Narsapuram of west Godavari had their festivities a little more unusual this year.

They arranged a grand feast for their future son-in-law and the menu was pretty elaborated, photos from the event has become viral on the Internet. In the stills, the family can be seen serving a royal feast of 365 items to their future son-in-law.

In Telugu tradition, it is customary to invite the son-in-law to the annual harvest festival and this family showed their love for their future son-in-law by preparing 365 dishes. The menu for this feast consisted of rice, biryani, pulihora with 30 different varieties of curries. It also had 100 different types of traditional and modern sweets and 15 different types of ice creams, pastries, cake, hot and cold beverages and fruits.

T Subrahmanyam and Annapurna of Krishna district fixed the marriage of their son Saikrishna to gold trader Atyam Venkateswara Rao and Madhavi’s daughter Kundavi of west Godavari.

The bride-to-be’s grandfather Achanta Govind and grandmother Nagamani decided to celebrate the festival by giving their grandson-in-law and his family a lavish welcome.

Both the bride and the groom’s family members also participated in celebrating the festival.

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