Watch viral video of injured man smoking while being taken to hospital on stretcher

You might have come across different types of people either by meeting them personally or watching them on different videos which sometime doing rounds in different social media platforms. One such video is becoming viral on social media where a person has been shot and he is lying on the stretcher. Usually we cry for help after being shot at. However, the man is seen smoking bidi.

In this viral video, which has been shared by IPS officer Arun Bothra on his Twitter handle, a person is seen lying on a stretcher and giving information about the entire incident to the people present nearby. In the meantime, he is seen taking a puff bidi, which he had caught in his hands.

While sharing this video, Arun Bothra wrote in the caption, this brother of Haryana got shot. The clothes are full of blood, but even on the stretcher of the hospital, he did not leave the bidi and the Chinese people are saying to leave the land.

After Arun shared this video, there has been a flood of comments. People are making many types of comments on this video.

Till now more than 125 k people have seen the video while more 12k people have liked it, 3 k people have retweeted it.

While details about the man are yet to be known, Arun Bothra said that he is a resident of Haryana.

(NB: By reporting this incident, we are not promoting smoking. Smoking is injurious to health.)

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