Watch video! Monkey steals and drinks beer in Rae Bareli, menace for locals

In a bizzare incident, a monkey has become a nuisance for locals of Rae Bareli in Uttar Pradesh after developing a taste for alcohol! The monkey reportedly breaks into shops on a regular basis to get alcohol. It steals from customers in the shops as well!

Recently a few videos of the alcohol loving ape has gone viral. One video was shot at Anchalganj in Gadaganj of Rae Bareli. In the video the monkey can be seen sitting on its hunches and tipping a can of beer into its mouth. In the other video, the monkey is downing a bottle of beer in one go. Though the videos where the monkey steals and drinks beer are amusing, the animal has become a huge problem in the area.

According to the local alcohol shop owners, the monkey regularly breaks into the stores to steal and drink alcohol. If people try to stop it or chase it or otherwise hinder it in anyway, it resorts to biting. It also grabs and steals liquor from customers.

The shopkeepers also say that they had complained to the authorities regarding the little menace but their pleas were not taken seriously.

However, District Excise Officer Rajendra Pratap Singh said that efforts were being made to catch the monkey. The forest department was also involved in the operation, he said. He assured that people would very soon be rid of the problem.

Watch the video of the monkey who steals and drinks beer:

It should be noted that this is not an isolated incident. Previously cases have been recorded where apes have developed a tatse for alcohol and created trouble for people.

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