WATCH: Bear spotted in palace in Nuapada, seen eating at the dining table

Nuapada: Bear spotted in palace in Nuapada district of Odisha. In the visual, the bear is seen sitting at the dining table and eating. A bear entered the Khariar Palace, said reports on Friday.

The video clearly shows he ate the food spread out on the dining table. At night, the bear roamed around the palace for about an hour and a half. The bear entered the palace late on Wednesday night.

The family left the palace after seeing the bear. After wandering around the palace for some time, the bear ate the food left on the dining table for dinner. The bear was seen roaming inside the palace till almost midnight.

It is worth mentioning that, this bear has been terrorizing people in Khariar city for the past three days. Police and fire department personnel, including forest department staff, have reached the spot and are continuing to try to capture the bear.

It is worth noting that a bear was found roaming in Nuapada Khariar town less than two days ago. The sight of the bear walking in the market at night was captured on CCTV. People were in a state of fear because of the bear walking in front of people’s houses at night.

However, the local people managed to drive the bear away by showing various sounds and lights. When a bear was found near the Nilji Dam in Dhiyakha, the forest staff under the supervision of Forester Kandarp Sunani, Naresh Jaksena warned the people with the help of bells and prohibited them from entering the Nilji Dam area.

Watch the bear spotted in palace in Nuapada and eating from the dining table. WATCH: 

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