Software engineers, please do not apply!

A businessman posts a matrimonial ad that bars software engineers from applying, is breaking the internet now. But why? Here goes the answer.

Digitization, now-a-days has changed the way of searching life partner for people. Still, some people prefer to put matrimonial advertisements in newspapers. One such ad has grabbed attention on the Internet for their peculiar content. The advertisement is in search for a groom and has gone viral on Twitter.

In accordance to the advertisement, the groom must be an IAS/IPS; working doctor (PG); industrialist/businessman. Besides these requirements, the ad also has a special instruction at the end which reads, “Software engineers kindly do not call”. The person, who shared the pic, jokingly wrote in the caption, “Future of the IT does not look so sound”. The viral post was shared by businessman Samir Arora on Twitter.

After sharing the picture on Twitter, the post went viral and people had a lot to say about the post. It seems like the girl’s family want a rich guy or a government employee. In the ad, they have mentioned for a groom of same caste. Many people have commented about the ‘same caste’ mentioned in the ad. The advertisement might make people think that the family wants to marry their daughter into a rich family. They have mentioned that they don’t need any software engineer. It seems that the person who posted the ad thinks that software engineers working in IT sectors do not have a great future even though they earn quite a lot as well. The comments on the post are epic. One twitter user wrote, “Looking at the ad, the whole country’s future doesn’t look so sound.” Another twitter user wrote if engineers are too bad.

This viral twitter post has received more than four thousand likes along with 712 retweets. More than 400 people have commented on the post.

What’s your opinion on this? Software engineers, please comment.

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