Sam Pitroda retorts to Odisha BJP’s Jibe

Sam-Pitroda-OdishaBhubaneswar: Leading Technocrat and Policymaker Sam Pitroda, who works for the Odisha Government as the Technical Advisor at just Re 1 salary, has hit back at his critics in BJP Odisha, saying he knows his responsibilities well and does not need their advice at the age of 75 with 50 years of experience.

The Odisha-born former Chairman of the National Knowledge Commission, who was heavily criticised by the Odisha BJP for his “absence” during the RansomWare virus attack in the state, posted a series of tweets to clear his stand.

Here are his tweets:

Thank you for your @BJP4Odisha repeated tweets, related to my role and responsibilities in #Odisha.

I appreciate and share your @BJP4Odisha @otvnews concerns for the people of #Odisha.

My role and responsibilities are very clear to me and I take it seriously for the people of #Odisha

At 75 with 50 years of experience, I do not need advice from you @bjp4Odisha on what and how to execute.

At 75 nor do I need salary, titles, privilege and perks of any type. Titles do not matter to me.

I agreed to help #Odisha because of my love and respect for the Hon’ble CM @Naveen_Odisha and the people of #Odisha – my birth place…

I do not understand how One Rupee Salary is considered a hoax by you all. Does it mean that taking salary is not a hoax ??

Regarding #WannaCry I have little to add. Cyber Security related issues are serious matters world over and need domain experts.

To educate yourself @BJP4Odisha I recommend that you read my recent Biography Dreaming Big:My Journey2Connect India.

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