Raid on illegal sale of firecrackers in Kendarpara of Odisha

On Thursday a raid took place on the illegal sale of firecrackers in Kendrapara district of Odisha. The raid was conducted by the Kendrapara town police.

Kendrapara: Ahead of Diwali, there have been a number of raids all over Odisha to help prevent illegal sale and manufacturing of firecrackers. On Thursday one such raid took place on the illegal sale of firecrackers in Kendrapara.

According to available reports, the raid has been done by the Kendrapara town police station in Nasadipur village. It is worth mentioning that firecrackers worth lakhs have been seized and cash worth lakhs of rupees has also been seized.

It is further worth mentioning that the person who had stored the firecrackers has been detained by the Town Police. It is worth mentioning that the Supreme Court on Wednesday had issued a directive against the sale of harmful and dangerous firecrackers with barium and a few other chemicals.

It is worth noting here that the twin city Cuttack Bhubaneswar Commissionerate police has issued a helpline to inform about the illegal manufacture of firecrackers ahead of Diwali.

The twin city Commissionerate police DCP has appealed to the people to inform them about the illegal manufacturing of firecrackers. Further a helpline number has been issued. The helpline number is: 7077798111 The Commissionerate police has further informed that the name and address of the person giving the information shall not be made public and his/her whereabouts shall be kept a secret.

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