Python tries to kill and swallow a monkey, watch how other monkeys fight to save it

Pythons are considered very dangerous creatures as it becomes very difficult to free someone if the reptiles, which are the largest snakes on the planet, take the victim to their clutches. They can easily kill their prey by wrapping around them and suffocating them. Currently, a video has surfaced on the internet and is being circulated on social media where a python can be seen trying to kill and swallow a monkey.

The video has been shared on the YouTube page of Viral Press. “Wild Python Strangles Monkey As Troop Tries To Help,” read the caption of the 38-second-long video.

In the video, the python can be seen trying to swallow a monkey after catching him and wrapping around it. But what is seen next was astonishing.

In this video, you will see that the troop of monkeys tried to save their friend. They attempted to loosen the python’s trap by touching and disturbing it. On the other hand, the python also attempts to attack the other monkeys during this time.

Watch the viral video here: (Source: Viral Press)

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