Police-Salia Sahi residents face-off as discharged COVID19 patient taken back to hospital

Bhubaneswar: A heated argument ensued between the residents of Salia Sahi and police officials when the latter tried to bring back a discharged COVID19 patient to the hospital.

According to reports, a 23-year-old female of Salia Sahi area had returned from Gujarat and tested positive for coronavirus 10 days ago.

She was admitted to a COVID hospital in Bhubaneswar for treatment. The hospital authorities discharged her yesterday reportedly after she tested negative for the disease.

However, after she came to her house in Salia Sahi, a team of police, medical staff and Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) went to her house at around 9 PM yesterday to bring her back to the hospital for some unknown reason.

Suspecting something wrong and irate over the decision of the administration to take her back to the hospital, the locals along with her family members had a heated argument.

The situation, however, became normal only after the locals agreed to allow the COVID19 patient to go to the hospital.

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