Pakistani man with 11 children marries for the 5th time

In a rather strange incident that has gone viral recently, a Pakistani man has married for the fifth time, and that too at the insistence of his daughters from his previous marriages!

The man named Shaukat has 10 daughters, one son, 11 children-in-law, and 40 grandchildren! This brings the number of members in his family to a grand total 62.  His story was brought to light because of his interview with the YouTuber and content creator Yasir Shami. Eight of his daughters and his son had already been married. His last two daughters insisted that he marry again before they got married so that he does not feel ‘lonely’.

Speaking to Yasir Shami of Daily Pakistan Global, he explained that all his previous marriages came to an end by the death of his wives.

While he was arranging his ninth daughter’s marriage, his other daughters decided to find their father a suitable match for him.

On the day of their wedding, as the daughters prepared to walk down the aisle, Shaukat suited up to get married for the fifth time.

When asked how she feels about this marriage, the wife said she was happy and getting on with the unusually large family.

Watch the video of the Pakistani man who marries for the fifth time here:

During the interview, Shaukat attempted to work out how many ‘rotis’ would be needed for the family during a single meal.“Even if they (the 62 family members) eat 2 Chapatis each, you’d have to make 124,” he said.

It should be noted that polygamy is allowed in Islam, even though it is not mandatory.

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