Pakhala can boosts immunity : AIIMS study

Bhubaneswar: Pakhala or fermented rice Odisha’s staple food have been found to boost immunity, according to study by AIIMS Bhubaneswar.

Balamurugan Ramadass, the head of the institute’s Centre of Excellence for Clinical Microbiome Research has been conducting the study since 2019 and during his preliminary research, found that Pakhala contains short-chain fatty acids known to improve gut health and boost immunity.

His team analysed that 20 pakhala torani samples have been collected from different households to know the presence of the microbes present in it. And at the end the microbial culture revealed the presence of lactobacillius in it too which helps in creating antibodies in the body.

It is also found that the fatty acids present in the water ( Torani) can potentially help your body fight Coronavirus and it has inflammatory properties.

It also influences foetal growth and improve pregnancy outcome, It also helps in ensuring better maternal health and nutritional status.

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