Odisha: OSCPCR urges School & Mass Education Department to change class timing, Check details

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (OSCPCR) has urged the School & Mass Education Department to change the class timing of the schools across the State.

OSCPCR Chairperson Sandhyabati Pradhan has written a letter to the Principal Secretary of the School & Mass Education Department to change the class timing from 6 AM-9 AM to 6 AM-10 AM.

“This is to bring to your kind notice that due to the closure of schools on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, the learning outcome of students is a great concern. The Odisha government has rescheduled the timing of teaching hours in all schools from 6 AM to 9 AM with effect from May 2, 2022,” said the OSCPCR Chairperson in the letter.

“After careful consideration, the Commission recommends to reconsider the timing from 6 AM-10 AM. At the same time, quality learning as well as review of subject matter can be taken care of by teacher simultaneously,” she added.

  1. Priti says

    Respected , dont consider students as animals as they will eat everything within 30days and later chew the curd, please allow them to learn as per their capacity… we all know it’s not possible to cover all the syllabus of 2yrs within a month allow them to learn with interest not by distress. Keep eye on this scorching heat too, it’s really unbearable … pls dnt make dcsn sitting inside an air-conditioned room.

    process of chewing curd

    1. Tarun Panda says

      According to the rising summer it is impossible for the students to attain the class from 6 to 10 AM. It is my humble request to the Principal Secretary of School & Mass Education department that don’t take any such step which is go against the students.
      And please increase the summer vacation duration form 10 days to 1 month according to central government guidelines.

  2. Amir mandal says

    Summer vacation in odisha when?

  3. Marian Ambrose says

    Children need space too. Too much of craming will make them dull and lose interest. Please Minister of Education ,allow the kids to enjoy their childhood which we had in the past years.
    Health and mental state of mind is needed for our kids to grow well.
    Bad health takes you noway.
    Please put your feet into the shoes of these kids .Make it a must that all schools lessen the syllabus and projects given to kids ..We want Smiles and not Tears from the children.
    I leave my trust in you to save the lives of our kids.
    Parents and teachers are also put in too much of pressure.
    Regards Marian Ambrose

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