Odisha: Locals Scared As Mysterious Animal Kills Two Calves In Two Days

Nabarangpur: Locals of Gadaba Katara village in Nabarangpur district of Odisha are in a state of fear following the killing of two calves by a mysterious animal.

According to reports, the unidentified animal has killed two calves on two consecutive days creating a panic situation among the residents of the area.

On the other, as the Ampani Ghat is connecting the village most of the people passing through the route sometimes notice tigers moving in the area. Besides, some villagers also claimed to have seen footprints of an animal in the locality. They claimed that those footprints are of a big cat. Therefore, it is suspected that a tiger might have come to the residential area of the village in search of food and killed the calves.

Meanwhile, a team of the forest officials, who rushed to the village after getting information about the matter, are leaving no stone unturned to trace the unknown wild animal. Besides, they are verifying the footprints of the animal found in the area.

The officials as part of their investigation into the matter are also meeting the villagers to get some lead which would help them in identifying the mysterious killer.

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