Odisha: 20 key points by Subroto Bagchi to save elderly persons from Coronavirus

Bhubaneswar: “While 17 persons have died due to Coronavirus in the State, 9 persons (50%) of them were above 60-years and 11 persons had comorbidities,” said Odisha’s Chief COVID spokesperson Subroto Bagchi briefing the media today in Bhubaneswar.

“Some of those senior citizens didn’t have travel history to any other state and they didn’t step out of home, but still they died because their family members didn’t take proper precautions,” he added.

Bagchi also stressed that those who are in home quarantine in urban areas shouldn’t deem it as another occasion for family reunion.

Revealing these important points the Covid spokesperson also came up with 20 important points on – how to keep senior citizens out the jaws of Coronavirus infection.

Here are the points:

How to take care of elderly persons at home:
  1. Wear mask when going near the elderly persons
  2. Before serving the elderly persons wash your hands with soap
  3. Keep clean all the gears, equipment like walking stick, mobile etc. used by the elderly persons
  4. Don’t invite friends and family members to your home
  5. Keep social distancing with the elderly persons even at home
  6. Without utmost necessity don’t take elderly persons to hospital, clinic
  7. Don’t make elderly persons to travel in train, flight, bus etc.
  8. Don’t go to crowded places, if you are going clean yourself after coming to home
  9. Keep an eye on the physical and mental wellness of elderly persons at home
  10. If elderly persons at your home is found with symptoms like fever or troubled cough contact on 104 number
Home quarantine is not family reunion. When you are in home quarantine maintain these 10 points:
  1. Don’t meet friends, family members
  2. Use separate room, toilet and use fresh air
  3. Keep distance from elderly persons, pregnant women, children and patients
  4. Don’t roam outside your room
  5. Don’t participate in religious institutions of the home. Wash your hands frequently with soap and sanitizer
  6. Use separate utensil to take food and separate clothes for bathing
  7. Always wear a mask, change the mask frequently and wash it in regular interval
  8. Only one person from the family should be in contact with the person in quarantine
  9. Touch the bedsheets, mattress, clothes used by the person in home quarantine only after wearing a pair of handgloves. After use of gloves wash your hand with soap
  10. If you are found with symptoms like fever or trouble in cough contact on 104 phone number

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