Mysterious animal kills 13 more sheep in Niali

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Niali: With no sign of respite from sheep deaths in Niali block of Cuttack district, the mysterious animal killed at least 13 sheep in Nauagon panchayat last night and left six others injured.

At least 10 sheep were found lying in a pool of blood along with six others left critical in one Pramod Swain’s cattle shed in Badakorkara village this morning. Later on three sheep were also spotted dead under similar circumstances in Ugrasen Swain’s house in the village the same night.

The modus operandi of the predator remained the same as the earlier occasions with the carcasses seen with stomachs torn wide apart and livers gouged out. Deep injury marks were also found on their necks, presumably caused by claw attack.

With the recent incident, the sheep death toll has jumped to 53 in Niali in last two months after mysterious animal attack again surfaced in the block.

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