Moral Policing: Boy forced to kneel down for gossiping with girl!

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boy knelt downMahanga: In an act of blatant ‘moral policing’, a group of locals forced a boy to kneel down and to do sit ups in full public view at Manijori village under Paikarapur panchayat in Cuttack district on Saturday for merely gossiping with a girl.

According to reports, the boy, identified as Kanha Mallick of Lalitgiri village under Mahanga block, was detained by a group of youths in Manijori this morning while he was on a visit to the village on some work. The youths reprimanded Kanha for allegedly having a relationship with a girl from the village and warned him to stay away from the village.

The victim’s ordeal did not end there. He was allegedly forced by his tormentors to call up the girl involved to have a discussion on the issue. When he declined, they made him kneel down on the Haribhaktapur-Rahania road for quite some time and also forced to do sit-ups.

Talking to the media on the issue, one of the youths who detained the boy claimed that the accused was spotted in the village several times in the past with the girl. But locals smelled something fishy in the matter on Saturday as the couple was found gossiping in a nearby forested area for quite some time. The boy was detained for ‘questioning’, he said.

However the victim boy ruled out his involvement in any immoral activity and claimed the girl to be his friend only.

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