Manas Swain murder case: Crime Branch intensifies probe on videos in memory chip

Bhubaneswar: After two days of marathon interrogation of the accused people involved in cameraman Manas Swain’s murder case, including Sarmishtha Rout and Niranjan Sethi, the Crime Branch has intensified its probe on the videos in the memory chip.

Niranjan Sethi and Sarmistha Rout were interrogated face-to-face on the second day of remand.

Reportedly, the memory chip has not yet been found in the prime accused Sarmishtha’s possession. It has been learnt that the two videos that have been doing rounds on the internet have been created and circulated by Sarmishtha to protect herself as well as Sethi.

In one of the viral videos, Sarmishtha was seen in conversation with one Deepak, an associate of deceased cameraman Manas Swain, where she can be heard saying that the memory chip is in her possession. Rout has added that an undertaking was also written and signed following which Manas was released.

The above-mentioned undertaking has now been sent to the Handwriting Bureau as it is being suspected that the handwriting might be of one of the accused.

Similarly, the other viral video is also being investigated thoroughly and the people who are seen the clips are being questioned. In this video Niranjan Sethi is shooting some scenes of a short movie by the prime accused Sarmishtha Rout.

The shooting was also continued in a hotel later that night. It is rumored to have some obscene scenes in the video clips, added reports. The Crime Branch is yet to ascertain regarding the person behind these viral videos.

Notably, the post mortem report of Cameraman Manas Swain has been released today from S.C.B. Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack. According to the post mortem report, three bones of Manas swain’s rib cage were broken. He was beaten with an iron rod.

Manas had also suffered a spinal cord injury and he was bleeding extensively for a long period of time. As a result, Manas died due to excessive bleeding. It has also been learnt that he was not given food for a long time.

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