Lord Jagannath’s miracle in Puri! Video of footprints found on Saradhabali goes viral; WATCH

Puri: It is true that several videos become viral on different social media sites every day. While some of them are true, others are fake/rumored. However, the viral videos always have become topic of discussion. One such video now has come to the fore; but its reality is yet to be known. If the video is real then it is a miracle for sure.

In what could surprise Lord Jagannath’s devotees, a video of some footprints were noticed in Saradhabali area has now gone viral on social media. A speculation has now ripened that those footprints are that of Lord Jagannath. Some people have now started claiming that it is Lord Jagannath’s miracle because those footprints were seen after Lord Jagannath and his siblings Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra were taken to the Adapa Mandapa at the sanctum sanctorum of the Gundicha temple.

Some devotees reportedly saw the footprints and reportedly captured on their phones and circulated on different social media sites.

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