Khurda Admin Allows Home Delivery Of Liquor On Weekdays in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The Khurda district administration on Friday allowed home delivery of liquor by the licenses of IIMFL OFF/ON shops  through their delivery boys and food aggregators.

As per the order, home delivery of the liquor licensed shops will be allowed from Monday to Friday between 7am to 5pm on weekdays, excluding shops in containment zones.

No shop is allowed to conduct counter sale or serve liquor in the premises. The shops will continue to remain closed during the weekend shutdown on Saturday and Sunday.

The delivery person would carry an I Card issued by the retailer and an invoice which will act as a pass to facilitate movement. They will have to follow all social distancing norms like wearing masks, maintaining 6 feet distance, and use sanitizers.

No person having any symptoms of COVID-19 or unwell should be engaged in home delivery. The licensee will prominently display their phone/mobile/WhatsApp numbers/Email ID/UPI details for receiving the orders.

The orders for home delivery of liquor can be received by the retailer verbally over the phone or through SMS, WhatsApp, etc. which shall be recorded in an order register.

The rates of delivery charges should not exceed the prescribed amount as per the Govt. guidelines, cited above. The Licensees will abide by the instructions of Lockdown/Shutdown as imposed from time to time.

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