Khalilagi Ekadasi rituals of Lord Jagannath in Puri on Wednesday

Puri: Lord Jagannath in Puri of Odisha will be offered with the special worship on the occasion of ‘Khalilagi Ekadashi’ today.

Yesterday, the trinity at Srimandira were served with ‘Dashamula’ medication. Accordingly, the Lords are said to be in good health today.

The paste of ‘Khali’, prepared by the Suddha Suaras, will be applied to the body of the idols today. That is the special ritual of Khalilagi Ekadashi. Besides, the lords will also be offered basil. Also, the bells and cymbals will be ranged today in Srimandira.

It is to be noted that the construction work of the three chariots is in the last phase these days. Yesterday, the ‘Kalasa’ had been fixed at the top of the chariots, while the work of ‘Singhasana’, seat of the Lords, was initiated.

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