Huge racket of mule bank accounts busted, 3 arrested in Odisha

Based on the intelligence input about running of a huge racket of mule bank Accounts, STF conducted raids and three scammers were arrested. 

Bhubaneswar: Based on the intelligence input about running of a huge racket of mule bank
Accounts, STF conducted raids and three scammers were arrested.

It is worth mentioning that the following people have been arrested:

1) Sk Hapizul , S/o. Sk Jafar Hussain of Olamara, Barhampur PS. Rainbana Dist. Balasore at present Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar,

2) Sk Jahangir S/o. Sk Jania of Olamara, Barhampur PS. Rainbana Dist. Balasore and

3) Sk Jamiruddin S/o. Sk Jamaluddin of Rampura PS. Mohanpur Dist. West Medinapur, West Bengal.

During raid various incriminating materials such as mobile phones, pre-activated SIM Cards, bank Pass Books, Aadhar Cards etc. were seized from their possession. In this connection STF
PS Case No. 24/2023, U/s 419/420/465/467/468/471/120(B)/34 IPC r/w. 66 C & 66
D IT Act, 2000 dated 18.10.2023. They will be forwarded to the court of SDJM, Bhubaneswar.

This racket operates mainly in the tri-junction area of Odisha, Jharkhand and West Bengal especially in the districts of Balasore, Mayurbhanj, East Midnapore, West Midnapore, East Sighbhoom, West Singhbhoom and Saraikela.

This racket is headed by Sk Jamiruddin of West Midnapore, West Bengal. He has employed around 10-15 people at the rate of 15000/- per month to open bank accounts.

These members visit various interior areas of these district targeting mainly poor villagers/ tribal and persuade/lure them for opening the bank accounts. Villagers are generally offered Rs 2000/- per account for giving their documents and opening the bank accounts.

However the mobile numbers linked with bank accounts are provided by gang members. The rate of 2000/- per account differs depending on the bargaining/ awareness level of the villager. In turn, the gang than sell these bank accounts along with the connected mobile numbers to various Cyber, cyber-financial, sextortion scammers and other criminals based at Kolkata and other parts of India.

They also use social media platform like secret WhatsApp group, Facebook pages, Telegram channel to sell the mule bank accounts. They sell mule bank accounts at the rate of Rs 15,000-20,000/- per account.

So far they have sold around five thousands mule bank accounts at different platforms. It has also come to the notice that the scammers frequently change the bank accounts. Generally they abandon the bank accounts once it reaches a transaction of Rs one Lakh. Sometimes the accounts get frozen even before that by concerned banks on the request of police/ Law enforcement agencies.

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