Elderly man trampled to death by wild tusker in Ganjam

Berhampur: With no respite in sight from jumbo attack in the State, an elderly man was trampled to death by a wild tusker in Digapahandi area in Ganjam district last night.

The deceased has been identified as Alu Lachhaya, a farmer of the same area.

As per the report, Lachhaya was guarding his harvested paddy at the threshing yard at around 3 am in the night when the animal attack took place. The victim reportedly tried to drive away a wild jumbo which had sneaked into his threshing yard to graze on paddy and was attacked by it in return.

The jumbo lifted him with its trunk and slammed to the ground before trampling to death.

Forest officials rushed to the spot post the incident and seized the body of the deceased after driving away the jumbo by bursting firecrackers.

The kin of the deceased will be given compensation as per the existing government policy for jumbo attack victims, said a forest official.

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