Covid norms go for a toss as people crowd markets in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Soon after the 10-day night curfew in the Twin City huge rush has been witnessed in the markets. Despite restrictions as well as awareness by the government crowd in the markets in the State has been witnessed increasing. Also, in many cases the Covid guidelines are seen infringed. Probably, that is the reason in the last few days Covid Positivity rate in the State has also increased.

Today Odisha registered 549 Covid positive cases. And in Bhubaneswar yesterday the number of new Covid positive cases was 149. The increasing pace of Covid positivity has become a matter of concern. The rise in Covid positivity rate has ascended to a hefty 21 percent in a single day.

As per reports, Covid situation is better in Odisha as compared to other states. However, still people need to adapt more caution to keep Covid away. In fact people need to strictly adhere to the guidelines issued by the government. Everybody should focus on proper wearing of mask, maintaining social distancing and other prescriptions to do away with the dead virus.

It is to be noted that yesterday the Director Health Services (DHS) had said that Odisha has entered the endemic stage of Coronavirus adding that there is report of around 500 new cases daily in the state.

The DHS said that in the capital city of Bhubaneswar COVID-19 transmission has reached a plateau phase with fluctuation in daily cases.

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