Cop extorting money from truck driver for violating traffic rules in Bhubaneswar, video goes viral; Watch

Bhubaneswar: A video of a cop extorting money from a truck driver for allegedly violating traffic rules in Bhubaneswar’s CRPF Square has gone viral.

As per the rule, heavy vehicles are not permitted to enter the City through the service route but to go on the National Highway (NH). However, a truck driver reportedly went on the service road along the CRPF flyover.

The vehicle was stopped by a traffic cop. Soon a heated argument broke out between the truck driver and the traffic police as the latter asked the former to pay a fine of Rs 5000.

Later, the traffic cop made a phone call to some unknown person and let the vehicle go after extorting Rs 200 from the truck driver.

Some unknown person filmed the incident on his mobile phone and circulated it to others following which it became viral.

In the viral video, the truck driver is also seen narrating the incident to a man while he recorded it on his mobile phone.

It is to be noted here that the Bhubaneswar traffic police has tightened the checking of vehicles across the State Capital City and is collecting hefty fines from the traffic rule violators. Besides, they are also seizing some vehicles. But as the video of a cop extorting money from the truck driver went viral today, people have raised a question mark over the strict enforcement of the traffic rules.

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