Convergence is the key of development initiatives: BMC Commissioner

Bhubaneswar: An inter-departmental coordination meeting held in the corporation hall of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has made a connectivity among ten different wings engaged in city-based development.

Keeping the probable urban flooding ahead, BMC Commissioner Vijay Amruta Kulange made it clear that no project should hinder other one’s progress and as a solution in time coordination can help support in progressing the activities.

Detailed action plan was discussed with the representatives from different departments focused on timeline and coordination. Under the works department desilting of all drains in its jurisdiction, care of the department at different locations like esplanade, Ratah road, in front of Ayurvedic hospital at studio chhak, Sisubhawan to Ram Mandir etc were discussed.

Status of desilting and cleaning of all drains from Pahal to Patra Pada and status of redesigning of main drain no. 9 near COSMOPOLIS and at the entry to AIIMS were discussed with the representative from NHAI.

Water Resource department- Prachi division presented the status of desilting and deweeding of Daya West canal in bMC boundary and status of cleaning of syphons across Puri main canal. Drainage division presented the status of deweeding of gangue, Prachidhara in ward no. 4 and related eviction on the sight. With a special attention to drains at Mancheswar Industrial Estate and Chandaka Industrial Estate representatives of IDCO were asked to look after the issue. WATCO officers present in the meeting were asked to present the status of removal of Hume pipe culvert over main drain no. 7 at Gouri Nagar pumping station, removal Swerage chamber from the bed of main drain no. 1 near Jamuna pond.

Likewise, representatives from fire services, traffic Forest department and electricity (TPCODL) were asked about their preparedness and support as well.

Since every department is implementing projects in Bhubaneswar, any issue related to the initiatives need to be responded. So convergence of activities can be the solution to progress the activities and ultimate is our public in whose interest all there are planned. With these Commissioner has asked each representative to come up with an action plan and it will be reviewed soon for the greater interest of the citizens.

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