CM Inaugurates Rooftop Solar Power Projects

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik inaugurated the grid connected rooftop solar programme today. The solar plant will be equipped with net-metering system.

Under the initiative, consumers can install solar plants on their rooftop and use solar energy during the day. This initiative is being seen as a way to reinforce the renewable energy sources in the state.The Odisha government will provide 30 per cent subsidy to the consumers under the programme.

The excess solar power generated can be exported through net-meter. Net metering allows the consumer to use the generated power anytime rather than using it when generated.

He also launched the web portal of the rooftop solar programme which is The website will help the consumers to interact with the stakeholders regarding the service.

The current investment for the installation of a rooftop solar system is Rs 70,000 per kW.

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