Chiranjib Biswal expresses displeasure after suspension from Odisha Congress

Senior Congress leader Chiranjib Biswal expressed his displeasure after being suspended from Congress on July 2023.

Bhubaneswar: Senior Congress leader Chiranjib Biswal expressed his displeasure after being suspended from Congress on July 2023.

He said in the press conference earlier today that, “My grandfather used to teach Congress vales and traditions as a child.” My father Basant Biswal’s efforts to organize Congress are well recognized by everyone.”

To clarify further, “I have no dishonesty in my blood. Backstabbing has never worked. He further talked about the golden age of Janaki Ballabh Patnaik and Basant Kumar Biswal, he said they were the stalwarts of the party.

The two stalwarts were always involved in the betterment of the party and gave tips to the new comers on a regular basis for the development of the party. They were always committed to make congress a better party.

Chiranjeev Biswal  further added that, “I have nothing to say unless this advice is anti-party.”  I would also like to add that, “Congress got four thousand votes in Jharsuguda for my speech.”

He questioned, “Who is responsible for the decline in Dhamnagar and Padmapur votes. In 2014, Congress got 16% votes.” In all by-elections, Congress won in Jagatsinghpur NAC. Some people are jealous of the famous Janaki Basant program.”

“I am a disciplined worker of Congress,” he added. “Suspending me from the party has given me a deep stress.” Some people are trying to get rid of me,” he added. It is time to decide whether to leave the Congress or not.”

“If telling the truth is a sin then I have sinned,” he said. “Who will tie a bell on the cat’s neck?” He further questioned.

“Those who conspire against me have never won,” he proudly claimed. Why is this conspiracy happening on someone’s advice.” Where ever Congress is doing good, there is an attempt to destroy Congress.”

“Congress workers are requested to keep away the backbiting people” he advised. Weak people complain. I will not go, I will fight. As a sign off he rued, “He who is afraid of his own shadow has done this.”

In a significant political development in Odisha, the Cuttack MLA Mohd. Moquim and  Ex-MLA Chiranjib Biwal have been suspended from the Odisha Congress on July 13, Saturday.

The two senior leaders were suspended on charges of allegedly indulging in anti-party activities.

According to reliable reports, the Odisha Congress President, Sarat Pattanayak had complained about these two leaders before the Disciplinary Action Committee (DAC).

Based on the complaint, show cause was issued to both the leaders. However, the DAC found the replies to be unsatisfactory following which, the committee decided to suspend both the leaders from the party.

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