Chadakhai 2022: People throng non-veg markets as Kartika month ends in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The non-veg markets across Odisha on Wednesday have witnessed huge crowds as people rush to buy non-veg on the occasion of Chadakhai. After a month of  observing the holy month Kartika, the citizens of the state are celebrating chadakhai by having their favorite non-veg items like fish, chicken, mutton and more.

As the chadkhai has fallen on Wednesday, which is usually a non-veg day for us, many have rushed to the markets from the early morning to buy non-veg items.

Though the prices are higher as compared to normal days, people do not hesitate to buy non-veg as it is Chadakhai and perfect occasion to enjoy non-veg food.
Shopkeepers have kept stock of fish, prawns, crabs etc. in view of the customers’ preferences. Usually Mutton, chicken and fish are in high demand.

Hindus had abstained from non-veg food to observe the auspicious holy month of Kartik which came to an end yesterday.

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