7th Pay Commission: DA cut will not befall central employees till June 2021!

Due to the Corona crisis, the Central Employees and Pensioners are being directly hit by the Dearness Allowance (DA) deduction. The government had decided in April this year that the dearness allowance of employees and pensioners would not increase from January 2020 to June 2021.

According to the government’s decision, the announcement of increase in DA from January 2020 is also not applicable and its effect will be till June 2021 next year. After this, it will be a matter of what the government will decide on DA.

Due to the lockdown caused by the Corona crisis, the government has increased revenue by running ‘scissors’ on the pockets of the employees, but at the same time the recent Ministry of Personnel order regarding retirement has also increased the tension.

The Ministry of Personnel has clarified the situation on the issue of retirement before the retirement of employees in an order. According to the ministry, the government can give retirement in the public interest to such employees who have completed 30 years of employment or have completed 50-55 years of age. With this, the Ministry of Personnel has said that premature retirement can be given on the basis of performance.

The government has the right to do so in the public interest. The government has stated in clear terms that if the government wishes, the employees can retire even before time. The government has referred to new rules in this context, eliminating ambiguity in the interpretation of the old order.

(With inputs from jansatta.com)

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