Police Will Not Stop Your Car! Check new traffic rules and details here

There is good news for you if you also drive a car. A new traffic regulation has been put into effect by the government.

The traffic police will no longer be able to bother you by stopping you without a reason or checking your car without a reason. Additionally, an order has been made for this.

It is important to note that the Traffic Department has previously received a circular on this from Police Commissioner, Hemant Nagrale. ‘Traffic police will not inspect vehicles, especially when there is a check block,’ according to the circular; instead they will monitor traffic and ensure that it moves regularly.

Only when a car is slowing down the flow of traffic will it be stopped. In reality, it frequently occurs for the traffic police to pull over vehicles anywhere they are on the grounds of a suspicion and begin inspecting the occupants footwear and the interior of the vehicle.

As a result, that road’s traffic is disrupted. This circular instructs all traffic police to stop inspecting vehicles because there is more traffic on the roadways and to prioritise traffic flow monitoring instead.

The Motor Vehicles Act’s provisions may be used by the traffic police to file charges against drivers who break traffic laws, according to the circular.

The traffic police will solely deal with traffic offences during the joint roadblock with local police officers; they will not inspect any vehicles. The senior inspector of the relevant traffic post shall be held accountable if these orders are not carefully followed.

A senior traffic police official made it clear that the traffic police should not stop or search the trunk of any vehicle without probable cause.

He assured us that our jawans would continue to issue tickets for traffic violations and detain offenders.

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