Physically challenged MP old woman travels 170 km with tricycle to meet daughter, watch

Reportedly, she travelled with the help of tricycle because she had not the money for bus journey

A physically challenged old woman from Madhya Pradesh was recently seen travelling 170 kms with the help of a wretched tricycle. As per reports, she had to take up this tough journey as she is poor and had not the bus fare.

The video of this incident was shared on Twitter by user ‘Hum Log, We the People’ on June 7 and so far it has received about 10k views.

As per the caption of the video, the scene is from Ashok Nagar in Rajgarh area. The old woman travelled with the help of tricycle because she had not the money for making a bus journey. The tough trip was for 170 km which she could make in eight long days. And finally she met her daughter.

It is a short video clip of 16 second duration where probably the person who is shooting is asking the woman about where she is going and from where she set out. And the old woman is answering. We can see that the old woman is not riding the tricycle, but she is pulling it while her belongings have been put on the cycle. The road seems a Highway where bus communication should be there. Yet, as the old woman is making the journey at her own sans bus fare.

The video has earned a number of comments where people have praised the lady for her motherhood. A user has also written that God should also bless such woman also and not only the Ambanis. Some other user wrote, nobody noticed her till she did not travel for 170 km. Another user commented, “Just asking .. why couldn’t the daughter come to meet her mother ?” And yet another user tagged her as ‘Mother India’.

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