First-ever genetically modified rubber planted in Guwahati

Kottayam: The World first genetically modified (GM) rubber sapling was planted in Assam at the Rubber Board’s Sarutari research farm, which lies at the outskirts of Guwahati, Assam.

The sapling was developed by the Kerala based firm,  Rubber Research Institute of India (RRII).  Dr K.N. Raghavan, Rubber Board Executive director and chairman said, This is the first time any GM crop is developed exclusively for this region after years of research in RRII’s biotechnology laboratory.

The sapling is the result of years of hard work and it is expected to grow under the climatic conditions of the northeast.

Dr. K.N Raghavan added, “Growth of young rubber saplings remains suspended during the winter months, which are also characterised by progressive drying of the soil, which is the reason for the long immaturity period of this crop in the region.

The GM rubber contains MnSOD or manganese-containing superoxide dismutase. inserted in the plant. It can protect plant cells. This plant is thus expected to establish well and grow fast in the region. It also can survive severe environmental stresses such as cold and drought.


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