Chandrayaan 2 To Be Launched On July 22: ISRO

New Delhi: India’s Rs. 1,000-crore Chandrayaan 2 moon mission will be launched at 2:43 pm on July 22 (coming Monday) from Andhra Pradesh’s Sriharikota, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) announced today- days after the first launch attempt was called off.

The mission, which can make India the fourth country after the US, Russia and China to successfully pull off a soft-landing on the moon, was stopped 56 minutes before its launch last Monday after a technical snag was discovered in the unmanned the launch vehicle system.

In its announcement of the mission being aborted, the space agency said that the step to delay the launch was taken “as a measure of abundant precaution”.

Through a tweet, ISRO informed that a technical snag was observed in launch vehicle system at 1 hour before the launch. Therefore, as a measure of abundant precaution, the launch was called off.

ISRO said after the snag was detected, “an expert committee was constituted to analyze the issue and suggest remedial action”. The committee identified the cause of the problem and “all corrective actions are implemented”. “Thereafter, the system performance is normal,” it added.

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