Bus conductor and woman argue over ID card in Bengaluru, watch

The other passengers in the bus also asked the woman to abide the rule and show the conductor her ID proof

Bengaluru: A bus conductor and a woman were seen arguing over ID proof in Bengaluru, Karnataka in a recent video that has gone viral. As per the video uploaded to Twitter the bus conductor is asking the woman to show an ID proof to avail ride benefit while the woman is showing her ID card. This situation earned an altercation between the two and the video of the incident went viral.

Shared by user Ghar Ke Kalesh to Twitter the caption of the video reads, “Kalesh b/w a Woman and Bus-Conductor in Karnataka over asking for ID card from her if she want’s to travel for free.”

As we can see in the video a woman is showing her ID card to avail the free travel. However, the conductor is asking her to show an ID proof. He is insisting to show AADHAR card or some other document to as ID proof. However, the lady is screaming at him. She is pressing that since her ID card is a sufficient proof to avail the benefit, why the conductor is insisting for an ID proof. The lady is seen claiming that she is a Central government excise officer. And shows the ID card.

Meanwhile the other passengers in the bus also asked the woman to abide the rule and show the conductor her ID proof. As the argument escalates, the woman was seen asking the conductor his name while the conductor asks the woman to visit the bus office so that they can put the matter in front of his senior officer to take a decision.

The video has earned a good number of comments. A user wrote, “Central government employee begging for free travel. Also why is she holding her phone like that?”

Free mai jane ki zarurat kya hai? asked another user in the comment box.

Waiting at bus stop is also free, women should enjoy free standing. – quipped another user.

It’s not about.. she can pay or not … it’s a fight about the discrimination planted by karnataka govt … between kannada and non Kannada. If tomorrow karnataka person charge more in Delhi … then does it will be OK… OR if someone ask id card in all city to all person, asked another user in the comment box.


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