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Which state is called the sugar bowl of India and why

Which state is called the sugar bowl of India? The answer to this question is Uttar Pradesh. UP is called the sugar bowl of India in lieu of its sugarcane productivity.

India has 28 states and 8 union territories. But out of all these, why Uttar Pradesh is called the sugar bowl of India?
Every state is known for something unique to that state. Similarly, Uttar Pradesh is known for sugarcane production and is the most prominent sugarcane-producing state in the country.

Until 2014, Uttar Pradesh produced 39% of the total sugarcane produced in the country. Yet, the percentage has now surged to 45%.

The reason behind the abundance of sugar farming in UP is that Uttar Pradesh has the perfect weather and fertile soil for sugarcane plantations.

The Ganges which flows through the state along with its many tributaries contributes towards irrigation for sugarcane cultivation in UP.

Due to the huge production of sugarcane, Uttar Pradesh also has the highest number of sugar mills and large areas for sugarcane cultivation. Accordingly, it contributes significantly to the economy of the State. On the other hand, it also provides work to a huge number of farmers in the State.

These farmers come from cities like Bareilly, Meerut, Saharanpur, and Sitapur, which are famous for sugarcane cultivation.

As a result of the massive production cycle, Uttar Pradesh also yields the highest amount of sugar in the country. This is the reason why Uttar Pradesh is called the sugar bowl of India.

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