Puri: Lord Jagannath’s Banaklagi ritual today, Dutta Mohaptra servitor to execute

Puri: Today the Banaklagi ritual of Lord Jagannath and siblings to be executed at the Srimandira, the famous Lord Jagannath temple in Puri of Odisha. On this occasion the Dutta Mohapatra will make ‘Sringar’ of the ‘Srimukha’ of the deities with black, white, red, yellow and other traditional colors.

As per sources, yesterday on the occasion of Trayodashi the ‘Ghana’ niti of the deities had been performed. Similarly, today on the Chaturdashi day, the famous Banaklagi ritual of the deities will be organized.

In the Rath yard, the Chitrakara servitors are peforming the colouring work of the chariots. Today, also the idols of the parswa Devas and Devis will be fixed and other works will be done.

It is to be noted that Lord Jagannath recovered from illness along with His siblings Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra on last Thursday. The Daitapati servitors visited the palace and informed about the recovery to Puri King Gajapati Maharaj as per the custom.

The deities had fallen ill following the holy bath on the Snana Purnima day. However, with service of the Daitapati servitors Lord Jagannath and sibling deities recovered. Later on Thursday the servitors visited the Srinahar, the palace of Gajapati Maharaj in a procession and informed about the recovery to the King. They also gave him the Anasara Prasad as a token of gift on this occasion.

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