Nuapada farmers demand immediate repair of irrigation project’s pipeline, watch

The pipeline system of the Indra Irrigation Project needs urgent repair for irrigation to farmlands. Yet, farmers complain that the authorities have turned a deaf ear to this problem

Nuapada: The farmers of Nuapada district in Odisha have demanded immediate repair of the pipeline system of the Indra Irrigation Project. They have alleged that despite their repeated request the authorities have turned a deaf ear to this problem. And hence, irrigation for many of the farm lands have been affected.

It has been alleged that due to the negligence of the dam authorities, the underground pipeline system has failed in Nuapada of Odisha. Lower Indra Irrigation Project was constructed at Tikhali village in the district to check drought like situation in the area. The project provided irrigation to farmers’ land through canals and underground pipelines. Also Pani Panchayats were formed for the proper distribution of water. However, in present scenario, the underground pipe is broken at many places while at some other places the pipeline is jammed affecting irrigation to farm lands. Accordingly, farmers are facing frequent droughts.

The Lower Indra Irrigation Project was inaugurated on March 10, 2021. The project should irrigate 13 thousand 190 hectares of land in the Khariar and Boden blocks of Nuapada district. In addition, 16 thousand 710 hectares of land in Bangomunda, Muribahal and Titilagarh blocks of Balangir district should also be irrigated by this project. A total of 55,000 farming families of the drought-prone Nuapada and Balangir districts should benefit from this project.

Similarly, 27 Pani Panchayats were formed in Nupada and 43 in Balangir district for proper distribution of water. About 200 to 600 hectares of land should be irrigated under each Pani Panchayat. Irrigation system has also been arranged through underground pipe line to farmers’ land for 2 years.

However, as of now most of the underground pipeline points have become inactive and need urgent repair. The farmer have complained that due to negligence by the departmental officers the repair work is yet to be taken up. As a result, 46 percent of the farmers’ tail-end lands cannot be irrigated.

It has been complained that due to low quality pipes, the underground pipe line point No. 2 of Mandosil village has been broken. Farmers have complained that thousands of hectares of paddy crops have been destroyed due to lack of irrigation this year.

Due to mismanagement by the dam authorities, water cannot reach most of the farmers’ land. The underground pipeline from Mandosil subminer, Goddhupadar subminer canal is not able to irrigate to the tail-end land of the farmers.

Similarly, irrigation to farm lands have been affected in the villages of Sagundongri, Chundaguda, Nehena and Bichnapalli. Pipe points are broken and damaged due to poor quality pipe connections. Hence, farmers are falling victim to drought every year.

The farmers demanded that the broken pipes be repaired at the earliest. In this regard they have met the Chief Engineer, Superintending Engineer and Assistant Engineer of Lower Indra Irrigation Project several times and demanded to come up with a permanent solution. However, the farmers are yet to reap the benefit as the authorities are silent over it.

Hence, finally the farmers have warned to stage protest if the repair work would not be taken soon.

On the other hand, the superintendent of the Lower Indra project reportedly said, “Very soon, the underground pipeline system will be repaired and the farmers’ land will be irrigated.”

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