Mundali Bridge has witnessed 30 suicide cases in last 27 years!

Reportedly, 7 people have died in last 3 years in this bridge

Cuttack: Mundali Bridge has witnessed 30 suicide cases in the last 27 years. Has this bridge turned into a suicide point? What can be done to prevent such unfortunate incidents? This present article dwells upon these questions.

Situated in Cuttack district, the Munduli Bridge in Odisha connects the capital city Bhubaneswar with Western Odisha via Athagarh. The then Chief Minister Janaki Ballav Patnaik inaugurated this bridge in 1996.

Thousands of vehicles with people from districts including Sambalpur, Angul and Dhenkanal pass through this bridge every day. Unfortunatedly, Mundali Bridge is now infamous for a wrong reason. Reportedly, more than 30 people have committed suicide in the last 27 years by jumping into River Mahanadi from this bridge.

People have committed suicide after jumping into Mahanadi from Mundali Bridge due to failure in love, mental problems, family quarrels etc.

In the last three years only, as many as seven people have reportedly died here. Out of these one person is still missing. The local people have witnessed many such cases. However, the most heart-breaking incident was the death of a journalist at Mundali Bridge. Of course, this was not a case of suicide.

Mundali Bridge has 57 pillars, out of which deep and dangerous water flow through 10 pillars from Barang side. It is impossible to survive if someone falls in this place. The rescuers find it difficult to rescue a victim or fish out a body in this area of the River. Even today many are still missing here.

The local people and intellectuals are now worried over such big number of suicide cases in Mundali Bridge.They have urged the local administration and the state government to take necessary steps to prevent such cases.

The locals have suggested that patrolling by the local police should be intensified here. Two police officers each should be posted here day and night to check people from committing suicide. By doing so, people will be afraid. On the other hand, the locals have also demanded establishment of a Police beat house near the Bridge to prevent suicide cases.

Watch video here: Mundali Bridge has witnessed 30 suicide cases in last 27 years!


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